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Hi, I’m Chapin and I'm a cinematographer.

Chapin Hall was raised in Hawaiʻi and has since lived and worked all over the world. He is a life-long and passionate practitioner of visual art, having formally studied sculpture and art history at the famed School of the Art Institute of Chicago before following his mother’s footsteps into photography. When the opportunity arose to assist legendary documentary cinematographer, Bob Richman, Chapin jumped at the chance. During that tenure he worked under some of the best directors of non-fiction film; from RJ Cutler, Joe Berlinger and Bruce Sinofsky, to Academy Award winners like Nathaniel Kahn, and Davis Guggenheim. This and many other experiences across a decade plus as a camera assistant, gaffer, DIT and camera operator gave him an unrivaled workplace education. This constant exposure to master practitioners of the craft expressing their specific talents in the field informs his sensibility and is integrated into his daily practice of the art. As a Director of Photography, Chapin has gone on to shoot music videos, fashion films, commercials, narrative feature films, TV, and many documentaries. Look for his latest documentary, Out of State, on PBS’ Independent Lens program in 2019.

“The opening shot of Out of State captivated our jury, demonstrating a keen eye for the complex beauty of the subjects and their culture. This vision continued to move us throughout the entirety of the film.”  -Special Jury Award for Artistic Vision, Portland Film Festival

 My favorite piece of advice:

You should be prepared to use the camera as a hammer or a weapon at any time.  It’s just a tool.
— David Darby, ASC
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When my parents were dating they climbed a fourteen-thousand-foot peak in Western Colorado together. My mom had blisters almost from the beginning but refused to turn around. Over many years of her adventures, she took some absolutely incredible photographs, many while skiing and climbing remote summits around the world. She was my first mentor, my biggest fan, and often times my harshest critic. I'm an artist because of her.

Now, I don't climb mountains (I make images and surf) but I love what I do. I think you have to love filmmaking to even consider going through what we do to get the story in the can.  It's grueling and hard, but also the most fun I've ever had in my life. I'm addicted to the challenges. I'm driven by finding the right concoction of good people and innovative ideas to charge headlong up that big "mountain" and come out on top. Every day on-set is a little victory and we should celebrate. Lucky us!

So get in touch, let's set our sights high, and find a mountain to climb together. :)




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